External view of the beautiful St Asaph CathedralWork in progress on the stonemasonry which was being completed on the floorAn expert stonemason from WM Taylor Masonry

Stonemasonry Repairs at St Asaph Cathedral, Denbighshire, North Wales

Replacement of flooring to North and South transepts and fabric repairs
Client: The Dean of St Asaph
Funding Body: CADW

This work was carried out whilst the Cathedral continued its day to day activities and due to the unique history of the building an archaeological investigation was inter-phased with construction.

It was decided that the public would be given access to the site during construction and further restrictions were imposed due to this strategy decision.

The organ had been recently refurbished and due to the aggressive nature of the dust created during construction, protective measures were employed which also enabled the organ to be used. Rationalisation of the mechanical and electrical installation was also required.